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Question of curiosity

Hello guys need a honest opinion as you guys are very expert should I market my gig over here ? Is it against the the TOS of fiverr ?


There is a section called ‘My Fiverr Gigs’.

But the forum is really for sellers and buyers to ask questions, not to make sales.


You are allowed to advertise and post a link to your Fiverr gig or profile in the category My Fiverr Gigs only.


where should i find it ?

When you create a topic you choose that category within the list of options.

When you create topic in right corner you have selection for section, use that to select proper placement.

People have already told you where to go to advertise your gigs. Ignore people who say you shouldn’t! Fiverr has given this option in the forum for people to advertise their gigs. It is not wrong. I don’t see anything wrong with it!


No one is saying don’t advertise gigs. I was just pointing out that if the op thought that advertising gigs on the forum will lead to sales, then that’s not the case.


Why ignore them, if they explain why?

Nobody said it was wrong.

It’s not wrong, just pointless most of the time. There’s a small chance that someone will see the ad and buy, but a huge number of somewhat regular forum users have “My Fiverr Gigs” muted because they’re not on the forum to look at ads.


You are correct there, but there have been people who have made the odd sale, selling to other sellers. Also I was not referring necessary to you, but in other threads there is a misconception that advertising your gigs on the forum is wrong. Or is not ethical, which is nonsense.

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Even if they explain why, Platform allows and offers facility so better go with functionality you are getting rather then the explanation that is against the the actually function you are getting !

So it worth doing it ! :slight_smile:

If you’re happy to post something that the majority will mute by default because they see it as annoying or spam, and that will likely only get best of luck responses (if any) by other sellers desperately hoping to get sales, sure, go for it.



And zero who advertised and got more than 10.


That may be the result, Doesn’t mean you don’t try hearing some one sayomg, " You won’t get order from forum".

When fiverr it self offers category to advertise your gig on forum why not use it ? Do we see pole result and don’t even give it try ?

So here is a story !
I recently saw a post from some buyer and I went to reply and after reading his post I check his profile and even I was impressed and wanted him to do my old work and asked him if I can place order !

So defiantly its a place where you can get orders, I am not saying lots of orders and more often but what I am saying is we can get and it worth trying !

I get the slight smile… you’re making a point! And, technically, you’re right. But to my mind the time investment required to generate a sale from the forum far outweighs any possible financial return.

I think the more experienced sellers who choose to participate in the forum have a responsibility to guide less experienced sellers. Just because Fiverr offers a category titled My Fiverr gigs doesn’t mean it’s worth investing too much time in.

Besides, there is a very big difference between a seller commenting on a post and demonstrating expertise that’s then noticed by a prospective buyer vs a seller who posts a thread saying “Buy my gig”.

In fact, most new sellers would be far better off using their time to improve their gigs, to check their spelling, and to do some skills tests that will set them apart from their competition.


I understand what you are saying and yes you are right that one should rather invest his time in improving gigs and skill!
I am not saying every one and all should start posting their gig in forum, but who are posting are not doing anything wrong…

We all found ads annoying and I use ad blocker in my browser doesn’t mean ad companies should stop advertising ? because people finds it boring ?

I always SKIP youtube ads, doesn’t mean you tube should stop advertising ?

At one point we all need advertising in different forms and some people finding their way with forum, and its alright!

When fiverr it self offers category to advertise your gig on forum why not use it

Let’s be real - that section only exists to reduce the amount of “please look my gig” posts in the other sections.

If you’re able to get orders from here - great. If you come across people you want to buy from here - that’s also great. But to most, it’s nothing but a waste of time. Yes, you can “market your gig” here, but chances are you’re just going to get barraged with people telling you to “keep going!” and congratulating you on becoming a seller.

You would be better off reading a book.


That would be me :raising_hand_woman:t2: and most of my FF - Fiverr Forum - friends.


However, when I was a newbie, I did get one order from a fellow FF member, but it was because of my interaction. And by interaction, I do not mean the typical. “Way to go, bro” or other meaningless posts.

As others do, I go to the profile of new users when I like the posts that they make. If they sell something I could be interested in, I will bookmark them. However, I have only purchased one FF member’s wares despite bookmarking a number of them.

Well since the cost is free I guess the ROI is good.


Tell me that’s not true ! :roll_eyes:

I am talking about remaining chances , No of the most !
Not all ads turns in to sales !
Once again I am not encouraging anyone to come up and start posting their gig’s ads here…Its about whether posting is wrong or right !