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Question of curiosity

thanks maam. :innocent:

But did you purchase from that seller after seeing their ad in My Fiverr Gigs? Because that’s what the OP is asking about.

And another question: if you feel that advertising your gigs in My Fiverr Gigs can be worth it, are you doing it yourself, and why aren’t you?


I didn’t actually go to him from ad but I did from forum…
I saw him on forum and it could be ad as well !

No I don’t do it because I am in no need, It should be for the new comer or people who are struggling to get their first order !
Some time we buy things that we never wanted to buy but we suddenly see it and buy it ! Thats how the whole world of ads works !

It’s hard to see ads in My Fiverr Gigs if you mute the whole category, which is what a lot of people do.