Question on buying pics for a children’s book


I’m new here. I am writing a short children’s book. I don’t expect to sell a ton, I’m going to self publish. What would I expect to pay, for the cheapest illustrations? Wasn’t sure what to expect. This is just for fun so in the future I’d like to invest more for sure. Can anyone help with about what I’d expect to spend? I’m thinking 10 pages, maybe 13 max. TIA!


This will vary per seller plus you must be clear about what you are looking for. Do you want the illustrations in color or black/white? Traditional drawing or computer generated?

Just be prepared to pay what is asked.


You can do a Buyer Request and see what kind of response you get. Be sure to ask for samples or to see the seller’s portfolio. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks everyone!
I’m thinking color, maybe computer-whatever is cheaper. I will do a request.
Thanks so much!!


Hello Jen, I assume you are already done with publishing your book with illustrations from fiverr. Now I am new here and I am confused about the rights for commercial use and publishing illustrations from this site. Could you please share your experience with me? Were you able to publish the illustrations bought here without any other payment than the one you made for the seller? Did you use the illustrator name on your book? I would so much appreciate your response, I researched the site for a long time and I still didn’t find a clear answer. Thank you.