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Question on connecting off platform

Hi! I have a question: I got an order delivered, but the app didn’t run on my laptop, so I connected via ■■■■■ to the seller who showed via shared screen how to make it run. But now I got a warning by Fiverr which says that I am not allowed to connect with sellers off platform, and the second time my account would be suspended. But how else would it then be possible to e.g. share a screen with a programmer if there is a problem which can ONLY be fixed that way?
Thank you!


Hi, I believe you have 2 options:

  1. Explain to Customer Service why it’s absolutely necessary to do it (which will take ages and they may tell you you just can’t because it’s against TOS)

  2. Record yourself explaining everything and send it as a video (the best option in my opinion)

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The OP is posting as a buyer.

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Whoops thanks. Will change that.

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Record a video of your screen, demonstrating the problem, and send it to Fiverr. It’s quite unreasonable to expect a seller to do a live call unless you’re paying them for it. You didn’t, therefore it isn’t included.

If video conferencing truly is required (and in this case it isn’t) then the seller needs express permission from Fiverr to do that.

Policy is policy. Don’t think a company will be ok with you breaking it to meet your needs and don’t try to get sellers to break the rules for you. You jeopardized his account and that’s not fair or necessary.

I do not know what word is blocked but if the seller used Team View er it is allowed (confirmed by the CS).

It is mandatory for online tutoring and assistance.

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Or it might have been the one beginning with sk, based on the number of characters blanked out, and that site isn’t listed in the allowed URLs section.

Some sites might be okay if the details are shared in the order/gig requirements section (or possibly somewhere else on the order page) where you might get in trouble for exchanging them in the inbox. Unless the gig is set up for it (eg. in requirements section) with any necessary permission from Fiverr, sending video (or screenshots) attachments through Fiverr is probably best like was suggested.

I know but he isnt doing a service that inherently requires video conferencing. He only wants it to show someone something. The gig isn’t a video conference.

If it’s not inherently part of the gig and you use it looks like you’re trying to scam the system. Fiverr has no way to know what you’re doing in that video chat.

And even if the video conferencing is in the gig you still need express permission from Fiverr to use it for your gig.

Not correct. Fiverr allows the use of Team viewer and the only thing that is necessary is that it has to be used when it is the best way to provide service as stated in the description. There is no need to ask for permission to use Teamviewer.

This is a technical issue that can only be resolved by actually connecting to the client’s laptop and finding out what settings or plugins are missing and preventing the app from working.

I just did Teamviewer session with a potential client. And it was a good thing I did because he almost paid my premium service while he is using another program I do not offer support to. People often confuse the names of OBS and Streamlabs OBS thinking they are the same, while OBS has more options for everyone, while streamlabs is more focused on gamers, twitch and similar people.

So I saved myself from another cancelation.

For Fiverr the only thing that is necessary is that it is transparent and clear from communication that it was necessary. I did not have to send a ticket to CS for that.

Exactly. That’s what I’m saying. Video conferencing isn’t part of the scope of work, so it looks fishy if you don’t report it and it doesn’t fall under Fiverr’s allowance for being part of the gig.

The buyer just wanted to show the seller something. It isn’t necessary to use live conferencing to do that and conferencing is not part of the scope of work and the seller didn’t get permission to do this. That’s why she got a warning. If she doesn’t want to get a warning then she shouldn’t do these things.

I really don’t see the point in debating me for telling her how to prevent warnings.

She didn’t meet the criteria for a conference allowance so they should have asked Fiverr for permission. They didn’t and this is the result. She could have just sent a demo video to show the problem.

Hi Stephan, I’m going to tell you right now. There is absolutely no way around this. Fiverr does not care. Okay? If you asked beforehand, it still wouldn’t work. I don’t know why they are so anal about this, but they really don’t want you to talk to offisite at all and they will make sure you know that with warnings. (I have been there). You got a warning and I will tell you this. From now on, you think of the best way, without any off site contact whatsoever, to get your message across. You have to be mentally creative of connecting these dots. Such as recording your own screen of the problem and asking them to send a screen video back. Plus, highlighted words that turn your message box red is a strong indicator. Do not ignore that, it’s saying what you say is off limits.

You might have needed that warning because you might’ve not known how serious they are about it. Therefore, you can take all of this advice for future and never do it again. Hope I helped. <3