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Question on fiverr rules


I realize in the terms of service that we can’t give out contact info but what about these scenarios?

-What if someone wants me to help them with their website? Are they allowed to give me their website link and then I can perform the work needed on their site then get paid via fiverr?

-What if someone wants to hire me to do some customer service phone calls for their small business? Is that allowed? Can they give me phone numbers for me to call for them?

-What if someone wants to hire me for data entry into their database (which is on their website) and get paid via fiverr, is that allowed?

I read the terms of service so many times but can’t find a concrete answer for the above.



Yes, as long as the gig expressly requires the information you can exchange it / recieve it / deliver it.


Maybe you should give any contact info in an attachment file and then upload so the buyer can download it…


Absolutely, Sponge Bobb. You don’t want to trigger automatic sanctions.