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Question on getting listed on search results

Ok, there is enough information out there on how fiverr’s seo work, things you need to do to be listed and so forth. Bottom line of all, while many of us complain about the decrease in our analytics or even disappearance from the search results, the gigs that appear on the fist page are supposedly the ones that are popular with solid ratings, good response times and delivery rates, and doing the social media sharing thing effectively etc etc. Cool! Makes sense. I am ok with it.

But what is the logic having the same exact gig being listed repeatedly on different pages while many sellers are waiting and in need of even a little exposure desperately? And those gigs that you see repeatedly on search results are not that solid either in terms of ratings and reviews.

Am I seeing it wrong? Has anyone witnessed the same? Am I missing something?

If anyone can fill me in I would be appreciated.


I rarely look at where my gig is in search results. However, it seems I heard there was a :bug: about the same gig appearing more than once in search results. Fiverr has had a few :bug:s lately. I think there is something going around? :face_with_thermometer:

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Hmmm… A bug… That might be the case, yes. This is also no good from a buyer’s perspective, you know… Imagine, you type what you need in search bar and then keep seeing the same low rated gig on every results page. I would start to think that the site didn’t have enough sellers :slight_smile:

I think we will learn soon.

Thanks for the reply by the way.


Hi, you are absolutely right !!. But in the sector of the internet, there are little tricky things always happened, we never appreciated. But we have to accept because that is not in our hand.

Another thing I also thought that in fiverr many people get the project and outsource the project. That means the person doesn’t have any knowledge about that, but how they get the project, but in seller point of view I always try to give my 100% but I did not get the direct project most of the time.

I feel bad about that in Fiverr because the project will get by the perfect seller not any other person who outsource the project.

Thanks ,

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If you ask me, fiverr applies one of the best UI & UX principles that are available as of today. The tech team behind the scenes deserves a lot of kudos for that :slight_smile: But this, being repeatedly listed on search results, I really wanted to learn because there must be a reason why if not a bug, and that would be great to learn why and how this is happening.

I also buy little gigs here after doing a lot of search and I get what I pay for, nothing more, nothing “wow” and I am ok with that thinking that that is as good as it gets for the money I pay for. But later on when do another search there comes another gig I’ve never seen before but was out there the whole time. And I end up wishing I’d seen it before becuse it looks more solid.


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