Question on how to obtain a link for one of your gigs


Hello there. How do I obtain the slink for one of my gigs? I’m trying to do this but when I hit preview I can’t seem to get a link to show up. Same when I hit promote. Is that the only way to obtain the link so others who are not loved in can see it? or I can share it with my social networks with out doing it through the website? or I can paste the link in to text edit so I can have a back up of it?

Take care all.


All you have to do is go to the My Gigs section, then you will find your gig, you will click on Preview, then you will click on Read More, then your link will be present for you to copy and paste in the URL tab above. I had to figure this out myself too. :slight_smile: Hope this helps.


Thanks. I feel stupid now, but thanks. Hey, I really appreciate the help and I think. I didn’t have enough sleep when I wrote the message. lol! hehahaha.

Again thanks for the help.


You can also go to your home page. click on a gig and copy the address bar. It’s 1 less step =)


If you click on preview and hover over the gig name, you can see the link easily at browser pane at bottom.