Question on Late Delivery


I’m trying to get bumped to ‘top rated seller’ and was wondering what kind of impact having the occasional late delivery will have. I do writing gigs and some of my clients who order from me regularly have told me they don’t care if they are a few days late. So, with that in mind, I prioritize other clients to get them done early so they will be happier with my gig.

I got to thinking, is this possibly preventing me from getting a top rated seller status?

The gigs are not canceled because they are late, they are just delivered late and still get a positive review from the client.

Thanks for any info.



As Top rated sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr Editorial Team i think that they pay attention to what the reason of all late deliveries and cancellations are. Just do your best to make all your customers happy, deliver as fastest as possible, reply to all messages polite, make all your gigs attractive using your own images and presentation videos and i think you can give Fiverr a note for becoming a TRS. Good luck!