Question on likes, followers, and youtube views gigs


Hey guys, i am very impressed with the gigs i see on this site! Very awesome! Now, I just wanted to know: when gigs offer to increase the likes on a fb page, get more views on youtube or get more followers on twitter / instagram, if the customer is french and has a french audience to begin with, does the seller target the same audience?


From someone who provides this service… Me.

(And I only do real ones. LOL.) Anyhow…

Some target, some don’t.

But, you need to be careful of the sellers that say they can target, especially with a large number of likes.

It’s hard enough to get a page liked, unless you have a dedicated network, never mind targeting.

If someone offers 1000 likes and says they can target to one place only… odds are you’re getting ‘Bots’.

If someone lives in your area, and says they can target then they probably can.

But be wary of people who say they can provide 1000 likes, all from your area. It’s hard. I’m sure you know how hard it is from trying to grow your own page.

Myself? I can’t help you. LOL

I can’t target at all. I provide can provide a small number of likes. Mixed. (Canadian and US). But I have no control over where they are from. It all comes down to who is in my personal group at the time. Sometimes more American. Sometimes more Canadian… Usually more Canadian. LOL.

The bottom line is simply know what you’re buying.

Check reviews. And actually read feedback. And if someone offers 10,000 likes in 24 hours… C’mon now. You know that doesn’t happen. And sometimes buying ‘Bot’ likes can help… cosmetically. But usually they all end up vanishing. Why? Because Facebook isn’t stupid. They find Software (Bot) generated accounts and delete them. So anything liked by that ‘Bot’ account becomes un-liked because the account is deleted.

In a shady service such as mine (Facebook likes and stuff) you need to really be careful. There are some good sellers out there. I know 3. LOL. But 98% of them sell bots. IF they sell “Good Bots” then go ahead if you want a little boost. But most sell bad software bots that vanish. And it’s really… really hard to tell who does what. That’s changing though as Facebook security grows.

Hope this huge post helps… somewhat.

Oh. And like I said. I can’t help you. I have no likes from your area at all as far as I know.