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Question on messaging a potential client

A short scenario to understand:

Step 1) New Buyer/Client sends you a message and is interested in your services
Step 2) You start a discussion on what are his needs where he explains everything to you vice verca
Step 3) He requests a sample of your work from your portfolio that will help him decide
Step 4) You provide your portfolio or a sample of your past work and let him have his time to contact you for a start
Step 5) …? Is it better to let him message you again whenever he feels like or should you message him first and ask him if he wants to start?

Edit: I don’t feel there’s a right/wrong kind of approach. It always depends on the situation, but I’d like to read some feedback from your experience.


I will share my experience. I will have 400 completed orders soon.
I have this experience (not saying that it is the best):

  • yes, first you need to find out all the details of the project with the customer.
  • then you can make a small example (for understanding to the customer) or provide your portfolio.
  • the main thing is to agree and find out in great detail all the details so that there is no misunderstanding.
  • it is also very important that your gig explains everything clearly and does not introduce the customer into the discussion.
  • even if in the process of work something is found out additionally - all this can be solved in the problem solving center (if it is not possible to additionally agree with the customer). I had several such projects and everything worked out very well.
  • and it is very important - communication with the customer must be polite and constructive. This is future success.
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Step 5) If I were in this situation I would contact them simply to ask if they decided to move forward or not. Then I would explain that I’m trying to get my orders for the week situated and want to know if I should include them.


Exactly my thoughts. I want to plan my orders as well. Thanks for sharing.

Some sellers will no doubt disagree with my passive stance, but I always let the buyer decide without additional pressure / follow up messages from me. You’ve already been in communication (they’ve reached out to you), you’ve sent them samples (your chance to shine). It’s now up to them to decide if you’re the right seller to work with.

A buyer who purchases a gig at a time when they’re ready to and without pressure from the seller is likely to be happier and easier to work with.

Despite what I’ve written, in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with sending a brief and polite follow up message saying something like “Please let me know if there’s anything else you need from me. Hope to work together” - but then you must leave it.

Remember, any unsolicited message is spam. If the ‘buyer’ decides to use that spam reporting button, then it will in some way negatively affect your profile.


Thank you for your answers each and everyone. Just for the record, I combined what @j6nyc6 & @english_voice replied here in my last message to a client. Always taking into account @opreston suggestions, which more or less are by default in my approach.
In my opinion it is better to send a short message always polite and constructive, not presenting it as pressure but as time management, scheduling and including their order.