Question on Protein Supplements


So I’m going to start working out seriously from this Monday - I have ordered Whey Protein from MuscleBlaze. So I just want to know how to take protein supplements -

  1. How many scoops at a time?
  2. Should it be mixed with water or milk?


I mix them with skim milk.
I also add some berries or fruit because they can take some getting used to as far as taste. I get the vanilla since flavors can be really bad usually. You probably will be shocked how bad they taste so be prepared.

Usually two scoops but you can start with half of one and work your way up. Your intestines might have to go through an adjustment period.


I know, I used to workout regularly in my 20s and take protein supplements too, have a fully equipped gym in my house…but I’ve forgotten all about that. It’s like a complete memory loss. [It’s like I have led so many lives in a single life.]


Dude, I lose track of time too, I get it, but I think today is not Monday, lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I mean next week Monday…LOL.


LOL, that´s what I thought :grin: