Question on Snakes


I found out that there has been a snake infestation in our housing colony because of the constant digging and repairing of the drainage system and the recent rains. A milkman, poor guy, was bitten but is now out of danger. So for those of you who have any knowledge of snakes - I start with zero - do tell me everything I need to know. Where are snakes usually found, do they get into the house, or in gardens, what should I do if I was to see them, and what should I do if I was to get bitten by them, do I need to get any precautionary medicine? Have to be prepared.


Dang, that’s pretty scary!
My mother will scream and run away if she sees a snake.

Personally I have no problems with snakes and I can wrap one around my neck, but that’s ONLY if I knew the snake was a harmless one…

I think it’s time for youtube, I’m sure you can find clips about snakes, like what to do if you see one, get bit by one, their habitat, etc. In fact I just typed in “what to do if bitten by a snake,” and I got 9,570,000 results.

Be safe!


A few of my friends keep snakes as pets, and I held a rainbow boa (they’re pretty!) a few times, but that particular snake is not venomous, and was used to humans and living in a terrarium (in other words, not aggressive, unless you mistreated her). Still, I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I’ll answer what I can.

Yes to both questions. They’re mostly looking for shelter, and occasionally for food (a rainbow boa, for example, only needs to feed once in three weeks), so a garden would seem nice, and the house might have good hiding places, too.

Call a specialist to remove them (I don’t know who’s in charge of snake removal in India). Snakes are more afraid of you than you are of them, but if you have no idea how to handle a snake, definitely call a specialist. In the meantime, do your best to stay away from the snake. They’re not looking to hurt you, they just seek a safe place, and bite if you scare them.

Go to a doctor. If the snake isn’t venomous, it’s just cleaning the wound and perhaps a tetanus shot, but if the species is venomous, you’ll need an antidote.


We constantly find small snakes at home and my mom told me that she saw a big snake before (long time ago) in my room. :astonished: They say that they usually stay in dark areas like if the snake is small enough it can stay inside a shoe which is pretty scary. Just make sure that you check your cabinets (most especially those that are not opened often) to prevent them from staying there. Also, tidy up your things. It is best that you ask help from local authorities so they can help you get rid of those snakes :snake: Stay safe!


Thanks everyone, great information!


Maybe you can keep one as a pet?? ( as long as you are 100% sure they are non-poisonous)


Nope. I’m a loner :neutral_face:


Are you sure?? You don’t need a slimy slithery sidekick???


Snakes are not slimy, so they wouldn’t fit the role. :snake:


I love snakes! If you see one you can stand your ground and raise up both arms over your head slowly and wave them around slowly and the snake will be scared since you appear so big, and slither away.

It would be good to familiarize yourself with the kinds of snakes you have there and know which are deadly and which are harmless. Most are harmless. Many are very beautiful.

If you have heavy leather gloves you can catch them by the tail and put them into a large sack and take them somewhere far from your house and release them as long as it is one of the harmless types.

They bite in self defense. A few harmless types are quite aggressive and will charge at you since they think you are in their territory so it’s best to simply turn and run away from that kind. They may bite and it will be painful but will not inject venom.

So the main thing is to be very knowledgeable about what kind it is when you see one.
If you find a poisonous one in your house or garden a quick well aimed shot with a pistol is the best way to deal with it. If I had a plague of poisonous ones I would keep a loaded pistol ready. If there were any type of constrictor snakes around I would deal with them the same way.


Awesome! Unfortunately, it is VERY difficult to get guns or pistols in India. You need to have a serious life threat and prove that to the authorities to apply for the license.


Then keep a large machete ready and a pair of heavy leather gloves. Some types of snakes can climb trees also so be aware when you walk under trees of what may be in them. Most snakes will be glad to run away from you though. The deadly ones won’t run away, they will confront you.


Stupid me, you’re right. They are…( in my opinion)… delightfully moist. :laughing:


The one I held was dry.


Really?? It needs an oil massage!!

Jokes aside, the ones I held in the past were nice and moist. Strange, California is a very dry state, I would assume the snakes would have dry skin too…


As far as I know, snakes normally have dry skin. It can be rough, too, because of the scales, though the one I held was smooth and shiny (and well-fed).


Speaking of snakes, I’m just back from a family gathering. I had no idea I had so many relatives, met many for the first time, some after 10-15 years. It was funny, I was greeting people without knowing who they were. There were nephews of mine that were 5-6 years old when I last saw them and are now taller than me. 80 year olds who recognized me while I had trouble figuring out who they were. And then there were aunts trying to set me up with someone. Phew. So finally I found a relative - an uncle of mine - who I met after 20 years who is an accountant and spent most of the time talking to him about my favorite subject - taxes. [What surprised me was that everyone recognized me. I have no idea how.]


Try and find out what species it is. Do a google search of a description of the snake as well as your country. You should be able to find out what the species is. Once you know that, you can check out how to prevent that particular species from getting into your home by looking up what environments those snakes live in. After you know that, ensure that your home is not an appealing place for that snake to live. This will cause the snake to avoid your home.

I hope this helped.


@writer99025, It’s important to know snakes are more afraid of us than we are of them! The only reason they bite is because they are startled or feel vulnerable. If possible, it is always best to avoid them and just let them leave.

They usually don’t enter houses but love ducts, holes and tunnels. So just make sure you don’t have any open ducts that go inside the house (like from Kicthen sinks for example).

I have mighty huge fear of Snakes and never handled one. But from what I heard, snakes are captured (if not to be killed) by giving them access to objects having ‘holes’ like nets, gunny bags etc.


It’s great to have so many relatives. Family is to be treasured.