Question RE: Buyer Requests


Good morning all! I’m pretty new to Fiverr and have a question regarding buyer requests. When I click on ‘send offer’ next to a request, one of my gigs comes up, but it isn’t the one I want to use. How can I change the gig I’m offering to the one pertinent to the request? Thanks in advance for any clarification.


I wish the actual Fiverr website search function worked better because as far as I can make out, it is crap, as well as being biased towards “The chosen ones” gigs. I can type the exact title of my gig into the search and it still wont appear anywhere near the top.

Before mine shows there are usually hundreds of totally unrelated gigs being shown. I’m pretty sure that the Fiverr staff are revelling in the “perks of the job”, so to speak. I upload a new gig and the thumbnail being shown is not the one I want. So I have to contact support and by the time it gets sorted out and the site updates with the new details, my gig has slipped very far down on the search function to show “new gigs”. This causes me to miss out on valuable exposure time at the top of those search results, which is not very long anyway, due to all the new gigs constantly being put up.

I suppose I should have put this in a new thread instead of a response to this one.