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Question re: revisions

If I deliver the files to my buyer, will then be the time they can ask for revisions?

I’m a little worried because my buyer is going to be offline for hours and my deadline is tomorrow. I was thinking of sending them as a delivery while they’re asleep, but they haven’t seen some of the pieces yet. I still want them to be able to ask for revisions and modifications, but I’m also a worried that if I don’t send them in, I might end up having a late delivery.

(Sorry; this is my first sale so I’m not really sure yet how this works.)

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They ask for revisions after the order has been delivered. Further, the timer doesn’t tick down after the order has been delivered–but it starts back again if they request revisions.

I would send the completed work to the buyer, saying something like ‘Here are the complete files! I finished these ones you haven’t seen yet with the input from the ones you already looked at. I hope you like them! If anything needs changed, please let me know.’ If they need to change something, they can request it at their convenience, any time over the next three days.


agreed with @joshcates

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Oh, okay! That clears it all up for me now. Thank you!