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Question regarding 15th January evaluation

So after I became Level 1 seller, I had a few bad experiences and those left me a unfair reviews. My question is : If I go from 4.7 to 4.8 star rating on my profile AFTER 15th January, will I become Level 1 seller again on 15th February or as soon as I hit 4.8 again? Only criteria that is in RED in my analytics is ratings, rest all qualifies me as Level 1 seller. Thanks!


If you have reached all of the level requirements BY February 15, you would be promoted. Sellers are assessed by the requirement levels that they have on the day of assessment every month. Promotion does not happen during the month… only on the 15th of every month.


Thanks for the explanation. I think many seller will get demoted because they are lacking in 1-2 criteria. Level sellers will become rare.

True. To me it would make more sense for a seller to not be worth levels if they are lacking in multiple requirements, not just one. Take example the completion rate. It could be the only thing that is below 90%, and it could be only due to buyers saying “Ordered by mistake, please cancel”. Everything else could be well above the requirements, as the seller is doing their job good, and deserves to keep levels, or level up to top rated.

Like if 2 requirements are not met, then there could be a reason for deleveling.

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If I complete all of the criteria in between the month will my level not be updated automatically?

So i need to wait for 15th of every month to see an update?

Until now I don’t believe there has been a specific day for level ups. They just happen automatically once you pass the requirements. But with this new change, you should only level up once a month at most.

@karanbhasin808 Like your 4.7 rating I have 89% order completion rate :sob::sob:

@adsensewizard Yes I have seen these mistakes in last 2-3 months after Fiverr’s announcement. May be my competitors are really pissed of with my profile :joy::joy: But end of the day he/she is winning.

Your level will not be updated automatically. You will have to wait until the next assessment on the 15th of the next month.

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What if all the requirements are met other than the days without warning.
I was told my level will be updated on this evaluation but the no. of days will not be 30 its 20 days.
What happens in this case?

You’d stay at the same level you are now until the next evaluation? Only guessing here, but it would seem to be the case?


If you are saying you had a warning 20 days ago and the requirement is 30 days, then you’d have to wait until you actually meet the requirement. I’m not sure if that is what you are asking, but the system has very specific requirements.


I have a question. I just recently got a batch(level one seller) but i have not earned up to $400 i wanted to know if i will be demoted for not reaching Fiverrs desired earnings on February 15

so, what is going to happen if i got 0 level and the next evaluation i get demoted again. since i can’t reach the requirement. are they going to delete my account ? man. after 2 years. that is going to be sad. :’(

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No, you’ll still be “new seller” (who isn’t actually new).

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On 15th of june, I was going to be promoted as level 2 seller, but I get demotion from level one seller to no level seller due to on time completion rate. Can I be promote now from no level seller to level two seller directly on 15 of next month?

No - you’ve got to go to level 1 first. :wink: