Question regarding buyer and personal info...need advice please


I’ve been a seller on Fiverr for a little over a year now and was just asked from a buyer to give her my Skype username. While I know that’s not too personal, it’s still giving out personal info. Anyway, this was her message: "Hey, can we have a quick S-kype call to finalize the job? My username is #######. When is good for you? I’m in Canada - EST"

Right off the bat my response was to tell her it is against Fiverr policy to give out any personal information, and by giving that to her could cause my account to be deleted. I obviously wasn’t going to do that anyway, and glad Fiverr has that policy in place. But here’s my question, while I know this is a violation of services to give out ANY info to others, do the buyers not have the same rules and consequences as we, the sellers do?

Should I assume she knew that and report her (given how she spelled Skype), or give her the benefit of the doubt and let it slide? Just don’t know what to do here and would like advice.

Thanks so much!



My pleasure ma’am.


It’s a good question - I think in a week I must tell around 10 clients that it is against Fiverr policy to give out email addresses, skype, direct contact information etc.

Usually, this is enough but I do get a certain few who reply with “Well, here is my email address so please contact me…”. So although it’s been pointed out to them, they still think they can work around it.

As a Fiverr member (regardless of being a seller or buyer) I would have thought we should all abide by Fiverr’s policy.


Every now and then, a buyer wants me to contact them outside of Fiverr. I politely inform them it’s against Fiverr’s Terms of Service. So far, they thanked me for the information; they’re mostly been new buyers, not to mention that a lot of people never bother to read the ToS.

If someone had kept insisting on contacting me outside of Fiverr, I would have clicked on the Report button at the bottom of that message. Haven’t happened yet.


Hello ma’am,

Since you mentioned to your buyer that giving out any personal information is against Fiverr’s ToS you don’t need to worry.

Ask you buyer to do the communication only here on Fiverr.

There is no need to report her, just be kind to tell him/her that it isn’t allowed to communicate outside Fiverr.

I really hope that your buyer understands your situation and continues with the order.


That’s exactly what I told her, so I hope she understands :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply!


Thanks everybody! I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


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Thank you