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Question regarding fiverr skill tests


I’ve had “good results” in both English / Spanish Translation Skill Tests.

:pushpin: My question is the following:
Let’s say I take the test again, and I score a 4.7/5.0 :star: where I had 4.9/5.0 :star:
Would I lose my old score or can I choose to show only the one where I scored 4.9/5.0 :star: ?




If I got 98% (excellent BTW!) I wouldn’t be risking it to find out. :slightly_smiling_face:


Logically speaking, it would make sense for your profile to show the new score only if it is higher than your previous score. Otherwise, I think it would (should?) not change.

However, I am not entirely sure. Like @merciavideo said, I wouldn’t risk it if I already had an excellent score.


Still i Don’t try test


You are right! Better safe than sorry! :ambulance: