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Question regarding live portfolio

Is there a way to rearrange deliveries shown on my gallery from live portfolio? Can I remove an individual delivery from my gallery if I wanted to? Lastly, if I turn off live portfolio, will it remove my previous deliveries already shown in my gallery?

There is no way to move things around anywhere on your gig, including your live portfolio.

You can turn your live portfolio off for each individual gig … or if you don’t want to show an image in your portfolio from a specific order, turn it off before you deliver, then back on again afterwards.

If an image is already in your live portfolio, only CS can remove it. Don’t hold your breath while they get around to doing it …

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Thank you! I guess turning it off for certain gigs is a good workaround. It’s unfortunate that there’s no way to move things around, but it’s not too big an issue.

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No. Fiverr wouldn’t let you override a buyer’s decision to include your work for them there.