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Question regarding Paypal E-mail address


Dear Fiverr Community,

:moneybag: :gear: I’ve changed my Loging / Billing Address to One New E-Mail for both, so I can Receive my Earnings to the same E-Mail I use to Login to fiverr, which is by the way a new E-mail I’ve created, so I have also changed my Username. I have previously linked this new E-mail to my PayPal account.

If I change the billing address, yet the new address is ALSO connected to my PayPal account, then there should be no problem, right?. It’s a new Paypal Billing Address, but the account remains the SAME.

Better safe than sorry, guys. That is why I am asking this question before doing my first withdrawal.

:bulb: I wish you could help me make sure. Thanks for considering my request!


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. Suggest you contact Customer Support for clarification.
Here is the link:


You have to first disconnect the old PayPal account with your Fiverr account and then again connect the new one.
Once you disconnect or connect the new PayPal account, your withdrawal will be paused means you cannot withdraw for 24 hours, just a safety precaution.

Contact CS, they will start the process after the verification.


You are saying you have a new fiverr account since you say you changed your name for fiverr and have a new email address so I don’t see a problem. You need to cancel your old fiverr account since you can only have one.


It is the same account, but I changed the E-Mail I use to login. My ID remains the same (JDSubtitler)


I don’t see any problem with that.