Question regarding Request Gigs Window


Hello everyone :slight_smile: ,

I’ve joined fiverr three days ago and really like it so far. I’ve even got already an order. But I have a question concerning the “Request Gigs Window” .

Do I just need to pm the “seller” and ask him for information and after he responded I would just deliver my work?

How do I get paid then?

I’ve contacted a few people and wanted to do the work for them but they didn’t respond even though those gigs were created only a few minutes ago before I approached them. Just coincidence? Or do I need to have a certain amounts of positive ratings before I can work on those gigs?

Last but not least when am I able to add extra services to my gig?

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Yup, orders rarely come from the request gigs window for some reason.


thanks. Someone ordered a my gig “professional flyer design” two days ago. I’ve delivered my work within 24 hours with the note that he is entitled to revisions of up to three in total for the next 2 days. He requested a change and I delivered my work again with the required changes. Until now I should have delivered my work in order to meet my deadline and get paid.

But my customer hasn’t responded yet. Does he need to rate me first before I receive the payment or how does it work over here?

If my balances are updated how long does it usually take to receive the payment on my paypal account?