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Question regarding timezone

Hey there, Fiverr folks!

Hoping for some answers regarding this concern I have. Have you guys had an experience wherein you noticed that the time reflected on the users profile is definitely not the time anywhere in that area?

For example, you can see it’s 11 AM in the user’s time thing in the messages. And it says that the user is from the USA but I’m pretty sure nowhere in the USA is it 11 AM.

Does the user’s time reflect his real location? Like wherever in the world it truly is 11 AM?

Sorry about the question, it’s just that I had a new user contact me saying he’s from the States and I’m fairly sure he isn’t. I’m just not comfortable working with people who have to lie about their location.

Thanks in advance!

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The timezone is for the user’s timezone, but isn’t always as accurate as it might be. :wink:

However, it is usually a good guide, if you know what I mean! :sunny:

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Since a while, I noticed that the time displayed in the messages of regardless whom, is my own time. I asked Support and got the reply that it’s supposed to be that way, that the time in the message boxes of both buyer and me are a reference for me so I know at what time (my time) a buyer left a message, which makes sense in a way of course, but I preferred it like it was before, when I could see what the time was where my conversation partner happened to be, especially during real-time conversations, but well.

The time displayed as my own time is actually off by 1 hour from my real time, even “twice off”, in one spot in the UI it shows 1 hour early, in the others 1 hour late but nowhere my actual time, which is why I contacted them in the first place.

They asked for screenshots and said they’d send it to the tech team and will update me when the issue is resolved, I didn’t hear back. Anyhow, thought to mention this because there are bugs in the time thing definitely, so Lorna is right with the accuracy being an issue.

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I was thinking of your problems when I mentioned it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your input guys! I didn’t know it worked that way actually! Hahaha. @offlinehelpers @miiila . I hope you both are having a great day/evening. :slight_smile:

Update: The user got reported I believed, he can’t be contacted anymore. I didn’t report him though, probably someone else did. That or he deleted his account days after he just made it. User’s account showed June 2018 so I was pretty sure it was new.

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:purple_heart: Fabulous thank you - hope yours is too!

May be no bad thing then. :wink:

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Thanks, hope you too.

12:58 here, now, though Fiverr tells me it’s 13:58 already (was almost an issue with a 24-hour gig I did recently, else I’d probably not have written a ticket, I thought I had one more hour still than I actually had because of the wrong time). But at least, it seems to say it’s 13:58 everywhere now and not 13:58 in one, and 11:58 in another place, so it seems it’s just :bug: instead of :bug: :bug:now. :woman_shrugging: :wink:

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I myself wondered about the timezone. During the day, my seller statistics do not change, however, I believe anytime between 4am and 10am (usually asleep at that time), I receive clicks, views or impressions. I am from Australia, so I think the time displayed is relative to your time zone.

@wakanda4eva What do u mean by time displayed is relative to my time zone? A seller/buyer’s location is fixed,then time is fixed. how can it be relative?