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Question regarding visibility on FIVERR


Hello friends! I have had a few friends search me on here and I’m no where to be found…Is this common?? Shouldn’t my name come up in a search?? I don’t see my profile either when doing a general search under my category. I appreciate any insight. I feel invisible! :confused:


are you talking about finding you in the fiverr website or here in this forum?


Yup on Fiverr. I logged out and searched for myself and nothing came up.


the search gives results for services, not people.
so search results will show only the gigs related to the search phrases.
to show your profile to your friends, you need to give them the complete URL of your profile, like
and for your gigs, if you are new and haven’t received a level yet (like level 1 or 2), your gigs will appear in the search results, but they are so far down the results that they shouldn’t be found.
so the best way will be, again, to share the URL of your gig to your friends.


Thank you! Yikes, looks like I might be a ghost for awhile. :grimacing: I appreciate the response!


my pleasure :slight_smile:
at the beginning, yah, a ghost for a while, at least.
best of luck for your future here in fiverr.