Question relating to gigs


If you buy a gig based on the criteria specified by the seller. Then when the gig is delivered you realise that the gig does not meet the criteria specified in the gig and you then ask the seller to change to gig to meet the requirements specified in the gig. Is the seller obliged to bring the work up the standard specified in the gig?


The seller is not obligated to do anything that they do not offer in the terms of their service. If they have not delivered when they promise, then ask them for a revision. Buyer’s, however, are not entitled to revisions, if the seller does not offer them.


So you are saying that they do not have to deliver what they offer in their gig, that seems somewhat unfair if not against trading standards. Do you abide by trading standards on this web site?


Think you might have missed this important bit from @jonbaas

If the seller won’t or can’t deliver what was promised, after a modification request, then you’re entitled to cancel the order and get a full refund.

No need for trading standards - which no business outside the UK would have to stick to anyway.

Here’s a helpful guide from Fiverr about using the resolution centre:

and here’s a link to the ToS:

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


What if what they have done may cause potential damage to your web site ranking and they refuse to undo what they have done?


That’s something you’d need to ask customer services about:


This is a big risk you take when you let someone else work on your site.

There is a way to make a duplicate site that the search engines don’t see and have them work on THAT site only. Then you can transfer all files from that site to your actual site the search engines see if you are satisfied.

This is what I recommend. Never allow someone whom you can’t really trust or are familiar with to have free reign on your website which is live.

You can also save all files for your site and put them back in place of the ruined site although on big complex sites that might be too much of a problem. It works well on more simple small sites.