Question: Sending Files for Buyer Requests


OK, I think this is the best place to put this post. Also, I saw an old post on this but it looks like it was closed.

I am a voice over artist and still pretty new here. I have responded to several buyer requests to try and get some business and exposure. Many of the buyers request a sample of the recording in their request, but unless I am missing something files cannot be sent without the buyer sending a message to the seller.

An old post on the subject that I found suggested:

  1. request the buyer message you (which I have to no avail)
  2. send the buyer an offer with a dropbox link included so they can get the sample there.

Obviously option 2 means less work for the buyer, but would sending them to links and files outside of a violation of TOS? Are there other ways of sending files without requesting a message from the buyer?

I’ve never get a response when I’ve asked the buyer to message me, and I’m thinking option 2 eliminates a step for the buyer, but I want to be sure I am not stepping outside the lines of proper fiverr etiquette.


You can provide them with a link to audio files.

Best of luck.


FANTASTIC!!! Thanks @thecreativeguys !

Though I might be kicking myself for a few days for putting myself at a disadvantage to other sellers all this time…


Just note that the links can’t have any personal contact information!

Best of luck.


Actually that’s good to know. Thanks!


Phil, there is a known scam that goes like this.

“Hi, I was wondering if you could read the first couple sentences of my script as a sample, and if I like it, I will order hundreds more VO’s from you.”

Often, the first two lines are all that they need recorded. Don’t do custom samples, they will grab it and disappear. Just refer them to the samples on your gig page or a link to a demo on SoundCloud. I often also suggest that they pick out 100 words and order a test gig to see if they like it.

Seems to be a theme lately, Never, ever work for free.


As @newsmike said, never send custom samples.

Also here is a list of Fiverr allowed links


Yeah I have sent a couple of reads like that, but I always send them with noise and never master the file. I explain, you wanted a sample of my voice, and here it is. If you like the voice I can record the whole script and master it. I totally agree, never work for free.


Nice, thanks! That is really helpful!


You are welcome. …