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Question: Setting the price

Question for sellers who’ve had a couple orders: How did you pull your first order and what is a reasonable price to set for you gig?

I’ve been on fiverr a little over a year now, but I haven’t had any orders or gig views.

Here is my gig:

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Well, setting a starting price at $100 in Logo Design category does not give you many chances to get first order nowadays. Especially if you have no order history…

The category has 166 584 services available as of today, of which 72 834 services with seller level status “new” and price starting at $5.

You may find this information useful when considering pricing in this category.


Interesting. How do you compete with a $5 gig, though? It’s basically working for free at that price

Price anything by putting the average price.