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Question - taxes and such?


So - I’m completely new here and I can’t find anywhere to contact and ask a question.

If I sell ‘gigs’ here and earn some money - will I have to pay taxes of this amount?

And will it count as ‘income’ ? (I am not allowed to earn more than a small amount, because I get Official Student-Support.)

I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

You may wish to ask a professional from your country, because the laws vary. In some countries, though you’re officially required to report every penny, the law is only applied if you earn more than a certain amount.

Thank you very much - both of you.

I will look into the danish laws (as i live in Denmark)

If it is simply a small amount beeing put into my account - I can’t see the problem. (But then, okay, I could make the money go to my sisters account instead, problem solved).

If aaanyone else knows more about it - feel free to help as well :slight_smile: