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Question [title edited for username]


Has anyone used ********* . I signed a contract with them but have not seen a cent in royalties .
Due to fiverr policy they gave no address . They say they are **** a ******** . They are from ***** . Does anyone know who they are .


I contacted support and explained what happened . They just said sorry we can’t give personal details blah blah blah . Due to your inaction that is thousands of dollars I am owed . What are you going to do about this ? This is nonsense ! Well done fiverr for allowing me to be scammed . They need to be named and shamed .


Are you replying to yourself to a thread you opened more than 1 year ago? :flushed:

  1. There’s nothing anyone on the forum can do. We’re just sellers and buyers.

  2. As far as I know, there’s no contract signing on Fiverr. Plus, no service that takes more than 30 days is allowed.

  3. There’s no user with the username you mentioned, so it’s possible Fiverr banned them.