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Question to other buyers

Hi, i signed on a few weeks ago seeking services, and I’m finding Fiverr confusing. I’ve tried several times to cancel with the seller, after my patience finally wore out, and each time, get denied by Seller. I got denied both with the last delivery, and the current one. With the last denial, i caved into her request, because i figured perhaps she never heard of Refreshing a page (read further for clarification).

I’ve also tried changing Settings, so that any refunds (if such a miracle happens) get transferred to my Paypal acct, rather than as a “fiverr balance”. But to my annoyance, a msg displayed that i first need to “cancel”.

Well i tried cancelling, at least with the Seller! I’m going out of my mind!! An alt.way i tried was the “submit request” form, whereupon fiverr displayed as follows:
Oh! Did you receive a poor quality delivery?
Don’t worry, just go to Manage Orders page.
And “Not Yet” for Accept Delivery.
And ask seller what you want revised.

Well i tried & tried & tried that, but got nowhere! So fiverr is full of Catch22 situations, where you can’t do this, until you do that.

The Seller keeps making errors, and getting measurements and proportions all wrong. She even at one point had delayed delivery because she hadn’t “received” my revisions. In actuality, she hadn’t realized you’re supposed to keep Refreshing the page, due to fiverr bugs. Even i as a newb realized that soon after starting on fiverr.

I’ve been working and working for weeks and hours on end, correcting her errors, because she didn’t bother to make things right. She misrepresented her abilities and lied from the beginning and i’m so very sorry i ever started using Fiverr. I use Ebay & Amazon with less problems than Fiverr.


I’m sorry you had such an experience with sellers.

Here are my thoughts:
You can’t cancel an order based on quality. That’s written in TOS that you signed. You can cancel the order if sellers didn’t deliver something as promised in their gigs. For example they promised to deliver A and B and delivered only A.
However you can request as many revisions as included in the order and leave your honest review about seller abilities.

On fiverr you can find sellers providing services for very low prices however it also attracts lower or not qualified sellers and it makes it more difficult to find legitimate sellers that can provide high quality work.

Would you mind telling us what service did you order and how much you paid for that?


As per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, all the refunds go to your Fiverr balance, not your payment provider. If you want your money pack in your PayPal account, you have to ask Customer Support to do it *and they will only do it a limited number of times).

Anyway, if the seller fails to deliver what was agreed upon and refuses to accept a cancellation, you can submit a ticket to Customer Support and ask them to cancel the order (just be prepared to wait, they can take up to 10 days to respond, due to the pandemic).


As a seller, I learned something new.

Hi, thanks for the feedback - btw are any of you buyers or is it mostly sellers on this forum? Firstly, even though (during cancellation attempt) Fiverr’s programmers “bugged” their program by ridiculously displaying “oh? you’re not satisfied with the quality?” - that’s just an assumption on their part! In my case, it’s not a matter of “quality”! Rather, she reneged! I.E. she gave false initial assurances that “yes, she’d be able to do it correctly”, and then basically delivered work absolutely analogous to one-plus-one equals three (instead of two), or a round peg in a square hole. Yes, it’s that bad. And that’s aside from her mostly either answering “okay” or “thanks” in response to pointed questions! The communication is “non-communication”!

Secondly, I’m nervous about posting too much specificity, at risk of violations, whistleblowing, you name it. We’re living in crazy times! It was a total of over $52, including added fees. This, despite her luring people with a much lower quote on her Fiverr ad. Then later, when researching (due to all my agony) I saw online a non-fiverr company which offers highly professional work in the same category, for that same price! Now, i know you may be thinking “how cheap” - but consider that i’ve been doing more than half the sweat for her, which she is supposed to be doing!

catwriter, thanks, i think that’s what i’ll do. The problem is, all this is dragging out ages and time is of the essence! This whole fiasco was not worth it! Is there a way to discuss this further via PM? I can’t seem to find any PM link, the way many other forums offer. And if you’ll say that’s for security, then i say it’s treating everyone like babies who can’t decide for themselves if they want to “risk” PM. I’ve been using PM for decades, and still around to tell the tale! :wink: