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Question to people who have stable orders

hello, I’m new to this site and I want to learn how to make money on this site. people who have a stable income and regular orders here. how long after registering on this site did you receive your first order? I apologize for the grammar, I use google translator

If you type "how long to receive your first order "in the search bar above you will find over 50 topics on this much discussed subject which you may find interesting and informative.


That’s definitely not me! So long!


thanks for the answer

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This differs from seller to seller. When I published my gig, I had an order within a week or two. Apart from holiday time, I’ve had a flow of orders ever since up until mid-may when things really slowed down. Just got my first order in yesterday after a short drought. It’s absolutely possible to make a good chunk of change on here but it can be very unpredictable and unreliable. The best way is to try and build up multiple sources of income so that you’re not left high and dry when the algorithm has a tantrum and doesn’t tell you why. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I guess it will also depend on what services you’re selling. Some categories are swamped with gigs offering the same service. I imagine that’s pretty overwhelming as a buyer.


thank you very much, you motivate me not to give up this activity