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Question to those who create logos for 5$

I would like to appeal to everyone who creates design materials for 5-10 dollars. I wonder if you really think that this is normal? I don’t argue, there are really not good works for 5 or 10$, but in most cases you can take 20-30$ for these designs. And by doing this you kill the price in the market, the buyer does not want to pay the amount for the design, but wants everything for 5 dollars because almost 60-70% will do it for 5 dollars. Why do not you value your work and time? It would be interesting to know your opinions on this matter.


Because a wannabe on YouTube once said that that’s how you make money


All of these YouTube “teachers” have already bothered me.Professionalism and the cost of work are lost. In most cases, the gigs of these dudes do not even have their own work, just take it from the Internet. I think Fiverr needs even more rigor in relation to them.

You’re right. I’ve written about it before.
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I do not have experience with other freelance platforms. Is that also there or is it only on Fiverr?

I still wonder that…Logos takes more research and time !
We have a so called company in region sells 50-100 logos a day on fiverr for $5-$20, I didn’t belie earlier but had a trusted source…once they had a day-night shift for the same work…they literally working 24 hours a day !

I doubt more on such a buyers !

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50-100 logos per day. Hahaha, this is ridiculous. There can’t be any talk about quality.

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I guess not :smiley: they mostly use stock images and just trace that in AI…they had a staff of 90 a year ago !

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Somehow it became sad.

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Fiverr has become too competitive than other marketplace. As a new sealer when i am looking for tips or advice how to make 1st sale. Most of the cases I have found making law price is important. fiverr is popular because here you get many sealers who are ready do your project $5 dollar. I have set All of my Gig’s basic price at $5 so that I can at least make some reviews and dollars at the end.

I am also logo designer and hope will sale my service at my price when i will have enough reviews and get level. But I never support to sale logo design service at $5, cause logo design is not a joke !

Same thing goes for some writers. I don’t know how they are devaluing themselves but they are destroying the whole business for us.

Anyone that is serious will realize that when you buy a logo for 5$, you get a 5$ logo, aka they will take a free stock vector (probably not even a vector, just an image from google) and maybe if they really want to work hard, change the color and add text.