Question to TRS?


Question to TRS people: When you got your TRS status, did you notice an increase in orders or was it just about the same? Anything different than level 2 that you like?


When I was awarded the TRS badge, my sales were previously on an increasing slope already, so the TRS badge didn’t change much since my sales were already growing. But who knows, maybe they kept growing because of the badge.

Honestly though, I didn’t spend too much time thinking about the badge - I was more focused on doing a good job and keeping buyers happy.


The TRS badge doesn’t increase your sales, it just gives you a few more tools to use, such as an additional extra, higher pricing, etc.

So many people look at the badges, and seem to think that the higher ones will bring greater levels of success. But that’s not how Fiverr works. Every seller, no matter what level they may have, still has to manage, promote, and complete orders just live everyone else.