I need help understanding how this whole setup works. Say for example, I wanted to teach folks the ASL manual alphabet. How would I go about doing this? Just do it for folks in my local area, by going to (for example) a coffee shop and teach them? Can’t do it by Skype, because that’s not allowed, right? But going to a public place isn’t fair to the buyer, because they’re paying while someone near us is watching (and learning) for free.

Advise me, would you please? :slight_smile:


You can contact CS to ask them to let you use skype, but since you are new a the site I suggest you get some sales under your belt first. There are many things you can do here and I’m sure you could easily find some service to provide.

Hope that helps!


I cannot “sell” (what I described before) if I do not know HOW to do it. So (no offence intended, but…) I can’t get any sales “under my belt” until someone assists me with that. Which is why I posted the question here. In hopes of getting that help.

And I prefer to sell lessons of the manual alphabet.


You might prefer to sale your manual alphabet first, but my advice was intended to help you get started here and at least become a level 1 seller doing something else. This will make it more likely for fiverr to accept your skype request.




Fiverr is based upon anonymity and the restriction to not share personal contact info.

Fiverr is an international market place. It would be difficult at best to sell ASL lessons to your local market on Fiverr. I can imagine dozens of things that could go wrong there.

As a long time “businessman”, I can think of a dozen ways you could do it in your town, state or region if you wish to remain ‘local’.

Thinking out loud about Fiverr, you could create a series of videos of your ASL and try selling the videos. And you could just reach out to Fiverr Support about Skype.

You know your product/service and you must think of the ‘angle’ in which to sell it… How have you done it before? Think of a new twist, or break it down into smaller chunks that could be sold on Fiver.


You absolutely can sell gigs that get delivered on Skype. They just have to say that CLEARLY in the gig title and description. They will go into review to ensure it makes sense.

Likewise, as Voice Over Work pointed out, If you want to stick with just the manual alphabet, you can likely do that with video/ebook/etc.