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I’m logged in automatically when I come to fiverr. Is there a way to change that? I don’t think that I’ve always had that, have I? I don’t know if I did anything, but it’s been doing it recently. I click log out, but when I come back, I’m logged in. Unless I don’t click log out to really log out. I’ve tried a couple times and even quit my browser. Can anyone help me?


It might be a bug, but you might also not be waiting for your account to log out before clicking off your browser.

Also remember that when you click the “Fiverr connect” button on the forum to post comments etc. it will automatically log you in to the main site as well.


Make sure you logged out properly and delete your browser cookies as well. I never face this type of problem. Why don’t you contact CS. They will help you to resolve this issue.


delete your browser cookies and also history. it will fix this issue.


And make sure that when you do sign in that “remember me” is un-checked.


Reply to @itsyourthing: lol :slight_smile: everyone know about this very well.