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Questionable morals on fiverr


Im pretty new here and dont have a lot of experience, but so far I have seen a lot of gigs with really questionable morals… And to be honest that makes me really sad :cry: I dont really understand why Fiverr has some specific rules and then there are other things that are not against the rules, that I feel are just morally wrong…

For instance I have seen a lot of gigs from girls writing they will show themselves on webcam topless but not show their face and that they will pretend to be someones girlfriend for a month. I have even gotten private messages from people requesting a similar gig from me. Besides the fact that Im sad for the girls who are offering these kinds of services Im also sad for the ones buying them. The people who buy these kind of services would benefit way more from talking to someone who genuinely wants to help them with their self esteem issues and find out the reason why they feel lonely in the first place.

Can anyone give me any kind of insight into why Fiverr would allow these kinds of services?


You are being very judgmental.

It is against the rules to show themselves topless so you can report this to customer support. But don’t judge other people for things. Don’t be sad for them. It’s their life to live, not yours to decide what they shouldn’t do. Don’t try to feel superior. I’m sure you know the internet has all kinds of services which many people enjoy that you may not want for yourself.


Excuse me…:astonished: I personally have many friends who are girls who suffer from low self esteem and think the only thing they have to offer is their bodies. I have a close friend who is a YouTuber and I know most people watch her videos because shes really funny, but she thinks people only want to see her cleavage and sex talk. In the comments on her video many people are saying that they originally subscribed because she is really funny and smart, but that the sex thing has become too much and so they unsubscribe, but my friend still doesnt believe anyone could be interested in hearing her talk. I KNOW that these girls selling these kinds of gigs have A LOT MORE to offer than that. Its just that they dont believe in themselves. You are REALLY not helping anyone here, or being a knight in a shiny armour…


I’ll be honest, I rarely ever see these kinds of gigs here on Fiverr, and when people have pointed out any that they do find, Fiverr deletes them immediately.

In fact, to my knowledge, Fiverr looks at all new gigs. I find it questionable that they would even consider approving “a lot of gigs” for services that are clearly against their Terms of Service. Is it possible that you might be grossly exaggerating this issue merely for the sake of discussion?


Hey jonbaas thanks thats comforting to hear :slight_smile: Like I said I am new here and I am not very familiar with anything on Fiverr, I havent seen a lot of gigs or searched a lot of gigs. Maybe it was a mere coincidence that the gigs I have seen when searching “relationship advice” and such to get some ideas (because I offer gigs in that category myself) have been gigs offering these kinds of services that I mentioned. Also the fact that Ive been getting multiple requests for these kind of gigs gave me the idea that this is something that happens a lot on this website.
But thank you for the clarification!


Being a woman on Fiverr, and posting imagery of yourself that captures the attention of others can be a double-edged sword. I can see how an attractive portrait of you could be beneficial to the type of gigs you are offering, however, because you chose to post those kinds of attractive photos, that WILL attract the wrong kind of attention as well. Sadly, it’s a fact of life.

A simple solution might be to post different photos that don’t attract the kind of unwanted attention you claim to be receiving. The responsibility is on YOU to attract the kind of buyers and attention that are appropriate to your gigs.


I wanted to mention that there are so many Gigs on Fiverr that even a very small percentage would probably be a lot. And unless the average user is specifically looking for that, it’s unlikely they would notice. I for instance have not seen them, but I have not been looking for that either (nor have I been looking for relationship advice).

Also, Fiverr reviews only a small portion of the Gigs by hand.

I have seen one user requesting this type of service over and over again in the Buyer Requests, and evidently none of their requests are reviewed for some reason, so it is very possible that you will find these types of Gigs as well.

Messages are not frequently reviewed by hand. I’d imagine that users who do participate in that behavior would frequently use messages to do so.


I’d suggest that you read the discussion and consider it but also get to know the rules and norms on Fiverr.

There are good points in this thread whether you agree or disagree. You can report gigs/accounts that break rules. For example, giving out your instagram info is a violation at this time.


Ok I understand what you’re saying. I guess I just don’t really get how my photos are provocative. I wanted to show that I am trustworthy and genuine so it was important for me to add photos of myself to my gigs, and also someone told me that gigs do better if there is a video attached explaining the gig, so I tried that.

However thank you for the feedback I will think it over and see if there can be a better way to present myself here :slight_smile:


Yeah everything you are saying makes a lot of sense. I dont know why but I would never be comfortable with reporting a persons profile or gigs… Even if I find them morally wrong or even if I believe they are against the rules. This is weird and I dont understand why, but I just would not feel comfortable reporting anything. Like what if they genuinely dont know another way to use this website and what if they really need money… I dont know I guess I just wish maybe some of them would read this or understand that there are other ways to use this website.
Thank you for the explanation :blush:


I also disagree with @jonbaas that images will attract that attention. Since there is no search specifically for images, that seems unlikely. The users who are doing so are already looking to engage in that type of behavior. The fact is they are already determined to engage in that behavior. Anyone can be attracted to any image of a person, for a variety of reasons. It is unlikely that you will be able to find an image that guarantees you do not attract unwanted attention. Some people are rather determined, regardless.

I mentioned one user in the Buyer Requests, but I forgot (due to not spending time in the BRs for a while) that I had noticed many more. There was one who regularly posted quite clear requests, but many others who use coded language to suggest the very same thing.

I think in some cases people actually think it’s fun to break whatever rules are set up for them to follow. I’m not sure why. If a new rule here was “you cannot use the word orange in your Gig title” I can guarantee that there would be thousands of Gigs that very same day with that in the title, as many times as people could fit it in.

I just wish that it was as easy to make money honestly as it would be dishonestly. That seems to not be the case in general.

I do not normally like reporting people either, but I have found that people’s behavior can get quite ridiculous. :slight_smile:


I didn’t say that your photos are provocative, I merely said that imagery of an attractive woman will draw attention. If you don’t want to draw the kind of attention that you claim to be receiving, then maybe you need to consider posting different photos.

The more attractive the photos you choose to use to represent yourself are, the closer you are getting to the concept of “s.ex sells”. You bear responsibility for the kind of people you are attracting.


@jonbaas, your profile photo could attract someone’s attention as well. If it’s a person, it will probably attract someone at some point, male or female (or both). Fiverr has a wide variety of users. At some point people do need to learn to control themselves.

However, mine would be very unlikely to do so. :slight_smile:


You’re missing my point. My photo is merely a simple, basic profile photo of me. It is not posted to gain “I’m attractive” attention. @oda_dellagi 's photos are posted to bring her visual attention. Some of her gigs will clearly support this intent.

Also, I have never, in all my years of working here on Fiverr, received lewd messages from women attracted by my photo.


Now there is a big contradiction on your “friend’s” behavior.
If she feels people just click and subscribe because of her cleavage… then why she dresses like that? I know for sure what attracts things on Youtube and I believe that statement is just hypocritical from your friend’s side.

As a woman, I defend the rights to dress as I wish, but I won’t be around pulling my hair in desperatrion or getting into a big depression if some men say or approach me in a in a stupid way.

I deal with that.

I understand your point of view up to some point. But by being judgmental on a platform with million users from all the world, you show a limited view of it. You’re here among people who could consider your photos provocative/with double meaning, due to their culture/religion/morals.

And there comes my point if you speak about morals: morals are subjective. They depend on every different culture, group of people or religion.

Stating that:

IMO questions your whole thread as a real discussable one.


I think its great to see a lot of different opinions on the same topic.

When you are saying

As a woman, I defend the rights to dress as I wish, but I won’t be around pulling my hair in desperation or getting into a big depression of some men say or approach me in a stupid way. I deal with that.

I find that to be quite condescending towards me, maybe I am misunderstanderstanding you, but it seems like you are implying that I am pulling my hair in desperation and getting into a big depression because of how some men approach me and that I need to deal with that.

I did not say anything bad about the men approaching me and that was never the focal point of this thread. So I do feel like I am dealing with that.
Also I find it interesting how the only two women who replied to my post were also the only two people calling me “judgemental” when all Im trying to do is help people. Really I am not attacking anyone here. I am not giving any names or private information about anyone. I am also not calling anyone bad names based on their actions or anything like that. All I ever said is that I believe these women have more things to offer, and that I would like to help both parts if I can.

I realize that I am a hyper sensitive person and I care a lot about people, but I just think its unfortunate that you see me the way you do.


To specify when I wrote the title “questionable morals on fiverr” I was really just questioning and trying to understand why fiverr would approve gigs and activities which to me seemed like some type of explotation. Also… It did cross my mind that maybe younger girls on this website get similar requests as I got and they might do something which turns into something they did not wish to happen.


If you, or any other Fiverr user, receives any sort of inappropriate message, you should block and report it.

If you see any gig which is as you’ve described, again you should please report it. Personally, I have never seen topless webcam gigs etc., thankfully, but I would certainly report it if I did.


You’re showing quite a bit of cleavage in the photos of your acting confident gig. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, nor do I think that there’s something wrong with it, but it might attract the wrong kind of attention, and “professional” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when I see those pictures.

Oh, and remove your Instagram username from your profile. Sharing personal contact information like that is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service; you may only exchange personal contact information on the order page, after the buyer purchases your service, and only if it’s necessary to complete the job.


Like I was saying previously; I am really taking all of these suggestions to heart and I’m new here so we’ll see I might change some things. I truly appreciate people giving me advice!

Do you mean the photo thats a close up of my smile, chin and neck? Isnt cleavage the part with the chest area?:smile_cat: I get what you are trying to say though and I agree that my photos probably do not look professional, or office-like. Most of the services that I’m offering are more personal I guess thats why I’m smiling instead of looking serious, more of a friendly vibe :blush:

Great tip about the instagram thing! Actually now I’m realizing several people have tried to tell me the same thing and I have failed to understand it until now hahah I removed it.