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Questionable practices from gig owners

I recently ordered a gig from fragglesrock for twitter followers. After 2 days of receiving the order, I actually lost all of the follower adds. I contacted fragglesrock and he still wouldn’t rectify the situation so I gave him a bad rating. 1 day after that I received suspicious activity on my twitter account where someone was stealing my friends and followers. Buyer beware. I filed a complaint with Fiverr so I’ll wait to see if I have to take it to another level.

Sheirff’s note: I’m sorry for your bad experience, anyway naming and shaming is not allowed on this forum.

I hope you can get a refund and I’m sorry this happened to you, but it does happen a lot. I think all likes/followers etc… bought on here are bots. You can search the forums and find a ton of posts related to this issue. I understand you want to warn other buyers but you’ll want to remove the sellers name from your post, you can’t call sellers out on the forum.