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Questionable Request from Potential Buyer

I had a buyer message me and want to pay me to post the articles I am writing for clients to his websites. Isn’t this a violation of TOS? I was a little confused as to what he was asking.
This was his initial message:
Hope you are doing well…

As you are a content writter. i want to build a healthy buisness with you i have websites on which you can publish casino, dating related content no one is offering these type of sites on every article i will give you a profit for you.

waiting for your positive response.

Does this seem shady to y’all? I write the content. I know nothing about publishing it or anything. I have a blog or two that I rarely use myself, but this seems fishy. I was always taught if I think something smells fishy, it’s probably fishy.

Also, I have a buyer I am pretty sure is using me to write academic content. When I have asked, the buyer denies this being the case. I had someone tell me that they were referred to me by a previous buyer that I did her homework. This is the only buyer I have that the material seems academic. What do you guys think? Again, if it seems fishy it might be? I feel like I have covered my butt because I have asked, but my primary jobs are both academic. Unless I start making about 5x what I do per month, I am not replacing them with this income.

Help! I am a level one seller, but I have only been really active for two or three months. I have had my account for several years, but I set it up and then did nothing else. I came back and am making pretty decent WFH money.

He wants you to post articles that you write for other people on his site? When you write an article for a buyer using Fiverr don’t you sign over the rights to them? If that is the case you no longer own the rights to even consider posting the content on someone else’s site.


I thought that this was fishy. It seemed weird. He did tell me several times to show them the links and they would want to be featured there. I just didn’t understand why he wants to buy used content. Wouldn’t it be more of a discredit to him? I don’t know. I told him I wouldn’t do it as I thought it was a violation of TOS. Should I report the message or just leave it be?

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Tell him you would be happy to write original content for him if he places an order with you. Honestly I wouldn’t even do that since they have shown to have an unethical business practice from the start. You could tell them you are no longer interested and block them, but that’s just my opinion. In the end you have to make that decision yourself.


It’s deeply concerning that you even have to ask if it is against the ToS to share and sell confidential commissioned content that you created for and sold to other buyers. You don’t take a commissioned work and resell it to other people. Seriously?

Of course it “seems fishy.” It’s not only against the ToS. It’s a breach of confidentiality and theft.

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The issue isn’t that I don’t know that theft is not okay, it’s that I don’t really understand what he wanted. He kept telling me to share it with my clients. I’m still not sure what he wanted. It seemed weird but I didn’t know if it was something I wasn’t aware of happening.

I simply told him, even before posting here, that I thought it was against TOS. I asked several times for him to explain what he wanted me to do. I was really trying to see what he was asking and make sure that my instincts were right. He wanted be to double sell, right? Sell their posts to him. I wouldn’t do that even if it wasn’t shady. I guess what threw me off is that he kept saying that they would like to be promoted on these sites and to share with them. I suppose he thought he could dupe multiple people. Thank goodness that though I am not exactly the most familiar with shady practices, I have a tendency to turn down anything that strikes me weird. I don’t get caught up in scams because if it doesn’t make sense I don’t do it, even if I think it might make me a nickel. Hahaha.

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I wasn’t asking if I should. I don’t get what he wanted. It is deeply concerning that rather than help me understand you’d rather chastise me. Thanks, it was so helpful of you.

I said that because you shouldn’t have to ask if this is shady. It is concerning that you need to ask.

Of course it is. Theft and a breach of confidentiality is shady. Taking work that you did for others and selling it to others would be blatant theft. No other way to interpret that.

I guess I am just naive. I didn’t understand if he was asking me to write for me of for them because at first it seemed he wanted me writing content for him and then it seemed he wanted me giving him already written content. I was just confused as to what he meant.
I don’t know why this edited my last comment into my next comment. Sorry. I was switching between tabs. I guess. I clicked edit and didn’t realize it.

I did. Huge red flags. Why would this be ok?

(Quote from buyer):

Okay. I don’t know what else to say. I was trying to figure out if what I thought he was asking was what he was asking or if I was wrong and I said he was violating terms of service when I was just wrong. I feel no better now. I should probably just not worry about it. I turned it down either way.

Yep go with your gut like you said.

Usually people like this want to capitalize on your work.

So this is the reason you should no longer respond to his messages and block him and forget him and his message.

There is no reason to keep wondering about it. You will get a lot of strange shady offers and messages so realize that and don’t give them so much thought. Just get rid of them quickly.

If you can’t be sure what he wanted and it seems weird that’s reason to block him. It’s not a big deal and it will happen quite a bit.