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Hey All!

So I remember probably about 4 months ago placing an order with a seller in Fiverr who then sent me to a link as part of the buyer requirements. This link brought me to a very smooth order form that gathered the necessary requirements for the order. Everything was branded for Fiverr, there were no other outside links or offers other than through Fiverr and it left me feeling like I had a better order coming.

Now I search and I can’t find this TRS in Fiverr. Might have left, might have gotten banned. Hoping not the latter…

I was wondering if anyone else has tried doing this? The reason I ask is because in my line of freelance work, it can often get confusing on what information I’m asking for. So it would be nice to be able to explain it through a brief video. (Which I’ve done on the form). This makes everything a whole lot smoother for the order process.

Don’t think I can post the link to the form here, but in general it has NO external links, NO payment integration and collects NO external communication methods (except the single requirement for a new account which is clearly defined)

I’m not sure I’m totally following you, but your questions make me think of someone. There is a seller that had some really cool methods to gather information and it could be you talked with him or saw his posts on the forum. I don’t want to post his name here but I’ll PM it to you and see if it sounds familiar.