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Questions about direct deposit in US, any info is appreciated



I was thinking of signing up for direct deposit. Can someone who uses that explain how it works? I see we sign up for Payoneer when we use direct deposit.

I’m not familiar with Payoneer and not sure how Payoneer is connected to direct deposit.

Also aside from our name address and bank account information, what else is on the form we fill out? I don’t like how we fill out a part of it before continuing on to the next page of it.


It goes through Payoneer, according to the Help section.

It’s probably the same as what they’ve asked of me, except that they didn’t ask me for my bank account because I’ve applied for the card: phone number, security questions/answers, and later they ask you for a scanned copy of your ID (passport, driver’s license, or government-issued ID). The address on your ID has to be the same as the address you gave them.


Thank you catwriter. I am still holding out hope for Paypal but might explore that further if this problem continues.


I have used nothing but the Direct Deposit feature. Once it is set up with your name and deposit account number (I put it into a one-way account), then it’s seamless.

Each time I withdraw, I just click “Direct Deposit”. Most every time it says at the top to “check your email for instructions” I think that is just a Fiverr development thing though…

Then my withdraw balance goes to $0, don’t receive any notification, but consistently 2 days later, the money is in my account.

Have made 4-5 withdrawals so far on the platform.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for replying. How long did it take them to approve your account?
Did you have to send your ID?


I’m not 100% sure but I think it is cheaper to just get the Payoneer card and pay $1 per top up. After getting the card, you can then also deposit funds to a bank account.

Be aware though, that when things go wrong with Payoneer, you will hit pretty much the same brick wall as you are with PayPal/Fiverr.

Payoneer notified users it was issuing them new cards over a month ago. Since then, (and despite me updating my address details months ago) Payonner seems not to be able to send my new card to my new address. I’m currently on the third attempt and haven’t been able to get anything but a machine answer from them regarding the matter.

Re Paypal, someone in my coworking space is using a PayPal business account which comes with Visa card and all the bells and whistles of a real business account. Apparently, this is only available for people on my side of the pond in the UK, but if they have that in the US, you might want to see if you can upgrade and benefit from better customer service in the process.


Thanks Andy. Once you get the card, then you can transfer money from that to your bank account and that probably comes with a fee? Do you do that on their website or how does it work to transfer from the card to a bank account?

I wouldn’t use the card for anything as I use my Visa card for all purchases and get a percentage of cash back with that, 1 to 3% depending on where the purchase is made.


When doing just direct deposit, there is no credit check, I don’t recall sending in an ID. I just had to put in my tax ID and back account (in US as a DBA, my tax ID is my SS#)

I don’t remember there being a delay for approval.


DBA? (“Doing business as”) Can’t you just put in your real name?


First, apply for the card. For this, you will need to upload a copy of your ID and proof of address (I think,I applied a long time ago).

In my case, my account was approved within 24-hours. After approval, you can login to your Payoneer account. When you have your card, hit the withdrawl button and you will get an email confirmation asking if you want to withdraw immediately ($3) or in 2 working days ($1).

When funds are in your account, you can login and click on ‘add bank account.’ Here you add all your bank details. Coinditions are that accounts must be in your name and in your country.

I don’t think there is a fee for withdrawing to a bank account in the US but there is a 1.8% fee for me on top of exchange rates from dollars to Euros.

In all, it is a very easy process and the benefit of Payoneer is that if you use the card 3 times per month, there are no fees. I believe that direct deposits (without applying for the card) cost more than $1, hence why applying for the card might be a better deal.

Also, (despite my current loathing of Payoneer CS) the card is handy to have for streamlining income from other freelance sources and being able to operate anywhere in the world.


Once we sign up for Payoneer to use on fiverr can we ever switch back to Paypal if we choose to?

Or has anyone ever tried that…


You can use Paypal or Payoneer. just keep in mind that not using the Payoneer card 3 times a month incurs a $3 fee. I get around this by buying random things three times a month.

I just read some of your other posts and saw the bit about PayPal saying it could be an internal security problem. This is why I switched completely to Payoneer. I opened my Paypal account in New Zealand 10+ years ago. I then had hell using it in the UK and worse hell using it in Malta. Changes of location and large deposits seem to trigger PayPal’s in built ‘this person could be Pablo Escobar’ alert system.


Yes and I suspect that Paypal is to blame somehow after reading a lot of horror stories, although I just now used my Paypal account to make a purchase so the account is not blocked seemingly.

I’ve been reassured by the security dept. that my account is fine and it was very convincing. So right now it’s a mystery. Fiverr should have gotten some error message from them if it’s due to Paypal.


Paypal stopped me being able to withdraw to a bank account after I moved from NZ. Then they did the same when I left the UK. I still get paid book royalties to Paypal but I don’t withdraw them or try to. I just splurge on eBay once in a while. PayPal likes taking your money and allowing you to spend it through them. It just doesn’t like you trying to take it all away at once.


Almost all of the accounts of problems I’ve read with Paypal are about how they stop you from being able to withdraw your funds.

I did read of one account of how they blocked a payment from one company to another because the sending company used the word Syria in the message that went with it.

If they wanted to block me, they would have allowed the money to be deposited from fiverr to my Paypal account and then blocked me from withdrawing it.

I had someone send me $1 and it was ok, and then that went toward a purchase I made today.


Freelancers really need a bank for freelancers. That would solve a lot of problems. A global bank you can use anywhere and link to everything. That said, there was something like this in Malta but last year they got closed down and a lot of people lost a lot of money.


That is supposed to be Paypal. I like the speed of transfers with them.


Yes, you can, though I do have a DBA.


In the Help section, they say that you can’t use both Direct Deposit and the Payoneer card.


Have been using the direct deposit for over 2 years. Every withdrawal has been in my account within 24 hours except for once which took 5 days without any explanation. Aside from that, never any issue and I can withdraw to Paypal if I want to too.