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Questions about fiverr payment (please help)

So, I am a seller on Fiverr (using a different account). I have had two orders and now I want to withdraw my funds. I wish to withdraw my funds using bank transfer. I am 14 years old and the minimum age for selling on Fiverr is 13 (according to TOS). The minimum age to open a bank account is 11 in the UK. I have a bank account and I wish to transfer the funds to that bank account, since it asks my date of birth when setting up a bank withdrawal, and Fiverr checks your request to withdraw for the first time before accepting, will it decline my request if I give my date of birth (I am older than the minimum age though) and secondly, it transfers through payoneer, since you give an account number, is it safe or can they access your bank account or possibly change things.
Thanks again.
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For starters:

You are only permitted one account. (This is also mentioned the the ToS.)

As long as you are over 13, there shouldn’t be any problems.


There actually might be a problem, since you have to be logged in to payoneer for a bank transfer and you need to be over 18 to create an account on payoneer.

UPD: I did a quick search and apparently PayPal requires you to be 18+ aswell and Fiverr doesn’t allow to withdraw your funds to your parents accounts, making it essentially impossible to get paid on Fiverr unless you’re 18.
It doesn’t seem to be forbidden per se, but if your personal information doesn’t match, your account might get suspended.
I think your best course of action would be to contact customer support regarding getting permission to be paid through an account of your parent or legal guardian.


@krrish_io @familyandfriend No, I am 17 and I contacted CS and they said I can withdraw from my parents payoneer account connected to my parents bank account ( with your parents consent obviously ). Youcan withdraw from your parents account as long as it is connected to 1 fiverr account only.
Better inform CS before this as I did.

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