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Questions about gig modifications

Hi there,
So I got couple of probably common questions regarding gig modifications and Id like to hear opinions from some of the experienced sellers here.
I’m nearing the Level-One seller achievement so I thought about changing the gigs pricing and probably delivery periods once I achieve that.

  1. What would be an appropriate amount to increase the pricing AND is it appropriate/advisable to increase pricing/delivery time at all once the seller level is so to speak, achieved? I know this is mostly subjective, depends on various factors and probably could impact previous buyers but just wanted to hear out some opinions.
  2. If I do decide to make these changes, only the pricing and delivery lets say, does that impact the gigs ranking/search results,etc and would those changes flag the gig for ‘further review’ status, meaning the gig not being active until it is reviewed for changes?

Cheers and thanks.

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I routinely increase my rates every six months to a year.

Costs go up for everything including what I pay for the internet so I have no problem raising my rates.

It’s an individual thing, though.