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Questions about orders/gigs


Hi! My gigs were very popular 2 months ago and were placed first page of it’s category, I went on vacation mode, and later I’ve been a bit inactive due vacaction, I came back but I almost got no orders, totally shocked, I changed the tags but still I got no views, I tried to search for my gig and I couldn’t find it. I’m a bit lost here.


contact customer support


I understand your situation.

When you activate the vacation mode your Gigs simply go down in the page listing.

Even I had my gigs on the fist page and when I activated the vacation mode and returned after a month or so my Gigs were on the third page in their respective category.


Oh I see! I lost the ranking due the inactivity? Even if I got good rating and lots of sells? Oh, I guess I will have to share it on my social media to get more views again :frowning: