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Questions about payment?


Hi, I’ve just completed an order for someone but have a feeling he isn’t going to pay. I delivered on time but he hasn’t replied to any of my messages since Thursday yet he’s been online. I’m worried I’ve wasted my time and won’t get paid.

What can I do?


Assuming you completed the work through an order, and not a message, your order will automatically close after 3 days, and then your payment will be available 14 days after that.

Please don’t message your buyer too often - you don’t have to.

You did do the work through an order didn’t you?


You should NEVER begin any task until the buyer has place an order through the Fiverr ordering system.
If they do not then they have not entered into any agreement to pay you so unless you get a very honest buyer, why would they?

I suggest you read the Fiverr Terms of Service and learn how the system works.


Yes he put an order through fiverr. I sent it back on time so it’s all good.

phew I wasn’t getting worried