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Questions About Taking a Break From Fiverr

Hi, I plan on taking a much needed break from Fiverr soon. However, I’ve heard stories of issues with using the Vacation mode. Does anyone know whether or not the Vacation mode bug has been fixed? If not, do you think I should just suspend my gig while on break?

I’m a Level 2 seller with a 2 hour response time. I’m afraid that if I just extend my delivery time without checking messages while on break, my response time would be ruined. However, with suspension, I’m afraid that it might affect my level and my search rankings.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Thanks for the feedback everyone. My main concern with the vacation mode is that it will still accept orders while I’m away. If that’s still the case, I think I might put the gig on vacation mode AND extend my delivery time.

This is just what I do–for a few days beforehand, I post notice of the dates I’m going to be gone and extend my delivery time. I make sure anyone who purchases understands the protracted schedule. I suspend my gigs–I never use vacation mode (because it has been so buggy and the last thing I want to do is worry about sorting that out while I’m actually on vacation). If you don’t want to suspend your gigs, I would triple check that any express options are turned off.

As for the messages, I think if you don’t reply to the message, that message is never factored into your response time. But that’s just an assumption. I would ask CS if I wanted to be absolutely sure. I’ve not responded to messages and it hasn’t dragged my time down.

I’ve used the vacation mode without problems.

I responded to messages, but only once or twice a day, and it hasn’t dragged my response time down (it’s still 2 hours).

I’ve used vacation mode, it hasn’t hurt me one bit. I’ll prove it to you. You see the two gigs in the middle? Headlines with the sell yourself, and Teespring? Those are mine.

I was away for two weeks during September, during which I used vacation mode.

Immediately upon my arrival back home, I was greeted by a number of orders (I guess it was those who signed up to my waiting list). I then experienced a 2 day lull, after which I started receiving my normal order volume.

  • My gig positions seem to have improved
  • I am swamped with work
  • Buyers were notified of my arrival back home

    With the above in mind, I’d go for vacation mode over any other option. :slight_smile: