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Questions about the customer support service

Hello everyone! I have contacted fiverr support due to some messages from the buyer that I founded a bit suspicious and that would maybe go against Fiverr ToS. I contacted them and they were very kind to me telling me that Since I have reported (flagged) messages - they will be reviewed. After that message I didn’t receive anything new update about the issue but the status of my request is "solved ". I also noticed that it is also stated “This request is closed for comments.” Is the case closed? Have they already checked the messages?

Thanks to everybody who will take some time replying to my questions !

It would appear so. If Fiverr closed the ticket, then there is nothing more that they can tell you.

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Maybe. However, whatever the outcome, they can’t tell you anything about it, due to the Privacy Policy.


When you report a buyer, Support will not discuss or let you know what they decide so yes, it is closed and they have either checked the messages or sent it to the correct department to check them - usually the Trust and Safety department.


Okay, thank you very much for letting me know.

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