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Questions about the New Gig Format

With the new gig format, when I’m logged in and check out my gig, I don’t see my GIG EXTRA’s listed. I only see them when I’m logged out. Is this the same for anyone else?

Also, I use to see how many gig orders were in a gig’s cue. Do you see how many orders a gig has under the new format?

It’s the same for everyone. Extras are only visible to buyers/other users. Order queue is no longer visible.

I still like the new layout though :smiley:


I’m also a buyer. As a Buyer I liked it when I could see the Order Que. If I’m trying to choose between several sellers, I usually go with the one that has less in their Que thinking I may get my work back sooner.

But I do like the new format also. :-c