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Questions about vacation mode

Hi, all you awesome sellers. So, I’m a voice over artist, and have some questions about vacation mode. You see, my family is moving, and I will be setting up the new house and building a new recording studio. So I won’t be able to record anything from the 15th of December to the first of January.
1- Will this effect my standing on fiverr?
2- How long is someone allowed to be on vacation mode?
3- How do i inform my clients ahead of time so they can plan around this?
4- Can people still message me when I am in vacation mode?
5- Is there a calendar of availability for sellers, and I’m not aware of it?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Grace

  1. Vacation mode does nothing except disable the option to buy your gig. Your seller standing will act exactly as it would if you hadn’t received any sales.

  2. You can set vacation mode for up to a month, and you can go on vacation mode as often as you like. You set your own hours and if you want to work only one day out of the month, that’s your business. It’s not very smart business if you want to make money, but it’s still an option. Fiverr doesn’t care how much vacation you take.

  3. You can write announcements on your seller profile and it’ll display on the right side of the screen when buyers are looking at your gig. Whether they’ll read it, that’s another thing entirely - there are plenty of buyers on Fiverr who don’t even read the gig description when ordering. If you recruit buyers from off of Fiverr, then you can make announcements on your social networking pages, but that’s about it.

  4. No, you can’t be contacted while you’re on vacation mode. You can still send messages and in that case people can respond to you, but nobody is able to initiate these conversations with you without you contacting them first. And although they can’t contact you when you’re on vacation mode, they will be able to see when you’ll be back based on the number of days you set yourself to be away and can choose to be notified when you return.

  5. As much as many of us would like to have these kinds of features, Fiverr isn’t a very complex system. This feature doesn’t exist.


No vacation mode for me in the 3 years I’ve been here. Where I go fiverr goes.

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Does vacation mode decrease my rating or level status?


I would be careful about vacation mode. I happened to use it once in the last year when my computer broke down and I couldn’t work on any gigs for about a couple of weeks.

Before the vacation mode, my gigs were selling healthy and I was getting at least a few orders per week. Wasn’t something I could completely rely on for a living or anything. But it was making me some extra cash on the side. I was fine with it. One of my gigs was ranked on the first page of the gig category and I was getting 100s of visits on it per day.

2 weeks of vacation mode, and my gig was nowhere to be found even on the first 7-8 pages … I remember it dropped waayyyyy down on the ranking and thus, almost NO views. I didn’t get sales for 10 months on that gig until recently. As was the case with a few other gigs. I did pick up on sales after I diversified and introduced some other gigs and stuff. But that gig is still getting no sales.

People have said it’s better to pause all gigs.

Thanks so much! That’s great info!

Really! That’s good to know! But I’m afraid my customers will think I’m gone for good.

Wow! scary!

shounak10 and all,
I couldn’t agree more with your experience. When you ask CS about the algorithm used for rankings and vacation mode impact they reply with a vacation policy link and say have a nice day. I wish I could get away with non-answers to my Buyers.

My thought is a simple one. Push out your delivery date. “Jamesbull” has it right when he states to put a notification on. So clear your Order queue and put a notification on stating that you’re Business Travel and will be reply as soon as possible. I had the same experience as you which has led me to this approach. To state that Fiverr goes with you wherever you go is disingenuous to those Sellers who can’t bring their Fiverr Gig with them.

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Thanks. I like the idea!

Amendment to my post. I’m on vacation mode. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Fiverr was only kidding. They didn’t actually mean that you can take a vacation. What they mean is that they’ll suspend your gigs and NEW messages from incoming. However, (Friends, please learn from my lesson), there are a few things not mentioned. Let’s say a previous Buyer does contact you and you reply upon your return, one week later. Guess what? Fiverr recorded those stats and now shows your response time is 7 days. Ok, let’s say you have an incomplete order hanging out there. And they decide to complete the order. When you get back, it’s already late and now the Buyer is furious. Ok, we’ll let those inconvenient facts slide. The best part is, those stats you’ve worked hard for are now shot to pieces because your response time stinks, you’re late on Orders pending and you’ve just dropped in rankings as a result.

Welcome back!

  1. yes it will affect your standing
  2. not sure about this
  3. message them
  4. only repeated clients can message you
    5.not sure

hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for everybody to reply important effect

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