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Questions For Buyers: What do you look for in sellers?

we can’t judge someone’s abilities and skills until we get a chance to work with them. life is full of good and bad experiences and this is the way we learn.

@matilda1786 that is true

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Yes, but does that mean you have to go through all new sellers and give them a try just because you’re feeling compassionate? Some people might; I wouldn’t.

Thanks for the rudeness! I’m a writer, I can’t be the best at math :stuck_out_tongue: but you really don’t have to call me “lady”. Way to make me sound fussy!

I wasn’t talking about my profile at all, but if you want to take it there…I mean, one 3.7 star review out of 95 isn’t bad. It’s technically not even a negative review lol.


@somaginer1996 everyone has a different point of view to look at different things, I respect yours :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck for more success.

That’s…actually racist, dude. I’m American.

You can’t demand me give new sellers a chance if I just don’t want to. Seriously though, what’s with the attitude? Just because I wished people gave me a chance doesn’t mean I have to do something I’m not willing to do.


Comments such as yours will not be tolerated here. I suggest you read the Community rules & guidelines and abide by them. :small_red_triangle_down:


if there are 100 new sellers 99 would definite be holding some skills or talent.

Some need to clean up their act… (maybe me too.)


Don’t talk to or about others that way on this forum please. It is not allowed.


Let’s please remember to be professional and civil to each other.

I am a copywriter and spend a lot of time thinking and learning about buyer motivation. I love to learn about how people make decisions. It makes me a better writer and a better businessperson.

I was once a new seller on Fiverr. It was hard to get my first order. But, the best advice I ever found to breakthrough on Fiverr is to start by offering something someone would be crazy to turn down. I had a lot of skills and experience before I came to this platform. But, no buyers knew anything about me. I needed the social proof that reviews provide. I also wanted to rank up to take advantage of different features. For the first couple of months I offered to write 2 500 word articles for $5 in 24 hours. That was a ridiculously low price. Too low to make a profit. But, at that stage my goal was to get reviews because even a few reviews would lead to more sales.

It worked. I worked long hours and did amazing work. I quickly leveled up and raised my prices. I kept that same pattern. Every Fiverr seller starts from zero. Getting your first few sales is tough… But, it is up to you to put in the work to get the sales. Fiverr isn’t a magic lamp.

Today I would charge $400 for the same offer I started out with…and buyers pay it. The reason is I have put in the work to build a reputation. Nobody is going to give you anything. You have to give them a reason to give your services a try.

This post is about discovering what reasons are most attractive to buyers. So far it sounds like reviews are the biggest factor.


Just so you know healthy discussions are encouraged as long as users remain civil and respectful. Resorting to name calling or saying other hurtful (below the belt rhetoric) is a problem and can be inappropriate for other users,

Case in point @somaginer1996 was offended by your comment.

I’ve seen many users get suspended and banned from the community. I would hate to see you become a statistic, just be calm and be mindful that this is a global community.


I’m not undervaluing anyone’s gigs. I’m just saying that people are more willing to go towards gigs that have more reviews, and that I’m no exception.

No need to be rude, my dude.


I really like this thread, it has a lot of valuable information on the Fiverr buyer market. Great for researching and upping our gig info. Thanks for starting a discussion about this. <3

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yeah , you are right…


@rasifakbar Thats good that you agree with him

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lol it’s her not him :rofl::rofl:


Sorry about that…I’ll correct that now

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That’s good that you agree with her…

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Firstly - Can everyone refrain from turning this into a “new seller v lev 1 v lev 2 v TRS v Pro” argument.
These are completely useless and help nobody. Fiverr has plenty of space for all sellers.
In 2.5 years here with over 1200 completed orders, I have gone from new to TRS and not once has a buyer ever mentioned my level. Never. None. Some might have chosen me because of it but I think there are many other reasons for it.
It is probably best for people to discuss those reasons instead as these are things that people can actually control - controlling your level is much less achievable so why bother discussing it?


When my buyers message me for more info regarding my gig before ordering or creating custom order is that they always mention how professional my portfolio looks like and the previous work I made from my previous clients.I figured out that the client is always looking and reviewing the portfolio area and creating a short video ad for your gig and lining up your previous work will allow the buyer to see immediately what kind of work you deliver.The accuracy of the details in the description area as well the packaging is also necessary as they really want to know what kind of service you provide.

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