Questions for Fiverrcast!


We’re recording a new episode of Fiverrcast today and would love to be able to answer some community questions. Leave your questions here and we’ll try to get to as many as we can during the recording!


:crystal_ball: Make a Prediction for September


Are you guys planning to give a feature to accept or reject an order in near future?


Here’s mine: What provisions are sellers given if they want to teach people what know and do? For example, a language, or coaching etc. All of these will be coming into the online lessons category gigs.


Not a question, but thank you for including mine in a previous episode - the FB page looks much better now! :slight_smile:


Is the way the algorithm is now the way it’s going to stay for a while?
Any chance it will be put back like it used to be three months ago before the big changes to it?


I second the algorithm question from @misscrystal

Also a second question: Is the desire to move away from featuring/promoting $5 gigs? There are often gigs for much higher prices with lower ratings showing up more prominently in search now. Is Fiverr trying to get rid of $5’s?


after complete an order, if seller cancel the order then the feedback (negative) will remove automatically… Please enable this system again. This will help a lot to the seller.


eion finnegan brought up an excellent thought in another thread. There is a very big gap between the Level 2 and achieving TRS. Has Fiverr considered revamping the Level concept - maybe adding a Level 3?


I think this is a great idea. I sometimes get orders that don’t fit my skill set, or where the buyer never completes the order. I have to cancel them, which affects my rating. I think it would be excellent if I could accept or reject an order if necessary.


Here’s mine:

Has the introduction of Fiverr Pro allowed you to connect with different types / levels of buyers? Has it behaved how you expected it to?

And a follow up:

Has the introduction of Fiverr Pro had any impact (positive or negative) on buyers purchasing from non-Pro sellers?


Will there be any improvements to buyer requests (Send Quotes) section? It’s full of spam and reporting it to CS has little to no effect. I get that they are busy, so we’d be happy to help out if there was a report button and there were actual consequences for spamming.

Give us some hope or at least a number to hit here (140 votes and counting) :stuck_out_tongue:


Back when Season 2 started, on March 27, 2017, we had a new co-host, and were told to expect new episodes every 2 weeks (Season 1 Episodes sometimes came out weekly and often had transcripts).

Then more than 4 months later, on July 19, 2017, Season 2 Episode 2 came out. We had another new co-host, with no acknowledgment of what happened to the previous co-host.

There appear to be no transcripts for Season 2 of Fiverrcast.

What’s going on? Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness?

Is this confusion and uncertainty just Standard Operating Procedure, or may we hope for Transparency and Stability in the future?


Go to the “BUYERS REQUESTS” section. There people publish what they need, and you can offer their work. There you will start to win customers.


Thanks everyone! Episode recorded. Tune in next week to see if you’re question was answered! If it wasn’t, maybe the next episode!


Thank you for giving us this chance to ask questions.


Thank you for giving this oppurtunity


I am a new seller at fiverr and when I entered the buyers’ requests I found sent quotes from sellers, my questions is how can I send a quote? thank you


Are you Can Add More Options to Fiverr Mobile App :thinking:


The Buyer Requests section (formerly “Send Quotes,” formerly "Buyer Requests :grin:) is for buyers to post a need, not for sellers to post their services. If a seller posts what they can do on there, it is a violation of the section. Sellers can respond to a buyer’s request in order to get the business.

But if you want to post a request as a buyer, just go to your Dashboard, then under the “Buying” menu you can click “Post Request.”