Questions for Fiverrcast!


Missed this one but hoping my question will get answered on next episode…When will the fiverr app get updated?’'s too outdated right now with lots of cons.


thanks a lot finally I got it


i want revenue card
please code please send link


If you have payment questions, please contact Customer Support. We cannot help you with this issue here on the forums. We are not Customer Support.


Is it possible to add a ‘today counts’ and ‘total counts (from beginning)’ for the gigs?
The counters now is very confusing. One day high one day drop, and no idea the high is because which day(s) of the past 7 / 30 / 90 /180.


They stopped taking questions for this SIX DAYS AGO.

Stop asking questions! :roll_eyes:


Oh sorry the post was created 7d ago. So they only give 24-hours to talk? Should ask them come every month then. Haha…


Thank You,Good idea.I have no USD my account.When I am upset, I will say?


algorithm beats quality.


When is the podcast being published?


Perfect suggestion !
I think it MUST be there


It’s been over 2 weeks. Is it still being released?


It looks like the PRO episode is the most recent one. Here is the list of Podcasts: