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Questions for Logo/Banner Designers!

I am in the process of getting a logo and/or banner designed for my site. Leaning towards a banner right now.

I’ve been burned a few times already, so other than the obvious “Reverse Google” search is there any other way to tell if something is using a template?

I’ve noticed a few sellers with really good designs and could not find it in reserve search - but my gut tells me it’s still stolen or a template of some sort. I just can’t tell for certain.

I’ve wasted hundreds of $$ on 5r getting stolen, plagiarized and (free) template that I could have done myself. I have no problem spending good money, as long as what I am getting won’t be found on google used by another website.

Is there a site that I can go to make sure what I am getting is genuine and not “Templated?”



If something does not come up in the reverse search, I do not think there is much you can do then. Just by changing colours, images and text, a template can have a new overall look. And as Google sees images as a set of pixels only, it can be hard sometimes to tell the difference even by slight tweaking of the design.

The designing category is too saturated. You can search for top-rated sellers with good samples and great reviews. :wink:


Thank you for your advice, you confirmed something that I was seeking. Which is this:

Far as this is concerned:

A top rated seller who charges hundreds for the cheapest logo design had fake designs. Every single one of his designs in his portfolio was easily found on Google search - that belong to another company.

His buyers paid him up to $500 and great write up (all 5 stars) - he did not have a single “Outstanding Experience” review but actual great reviews.

Every one of them had stolen logos that they are using. How can people be so naive? They will all get sued when the real owners show up.

Reviews don’t mean much to me anymore. :frowning_face: To top it off, everyone has 5 star reviews, so looking for great review is like “finding hay in a haystack” - it’s everywhere.


Well, yes. The design category is really saturated and everyone with Photoshop today is a designer.


There is no such site that can figure out a template file. But there is a simple way to find it out. As I am a banner Designer I also sometimes use template files, and sometimes use unique ideas that costs high.

Always ask your seller for the original Photoshop file. And check the Photoshop file. If you see properly named and grouped layers on it, then be sure that it is collected. Stolen won’t be a good word for it :wink:

Because a fast Designer will never have time to rename and group the layers like the free template site provides!

Hope this will answer your question.

Thank You


Yes. That was definitely helpful!

Thank you, @capri2794 & @shahriar005 for your help!


That is not a good check. I always keep my layers grouped and organized (I just like things that way :smiley: ). Especially when the buyer needs the source file… because then I want them to understand easily what each layer is/does.


From what I’m seeing on the forum, envato marketplaces seem to be popular among some of the fiverr seller popular. Since reverse image search may not turn up everything try typing in keywords that describe what you’re looking for with envato at the end (ex: hawk wolf logo, envato). Still a zero explore Graphic River for potential matches and the new very much disliked Envato Elements.

Doesn’t sound like much help but this is what I can come up with.


Wow. I learned something else today.

Thank you, @topaz_muse


It is because you are a lady ma’am. And a lady is tend to keep everything organized.

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lol (20 CHARACTERS!)

Just learned the web search thing during a contest where some was calling fowl and I found the image in question using the words to describe the picture since the image search didn’t work.

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I can suggest you another way of reverse search.
try the free resource sites and search as @topaz_muse said, with keywords.

Search on these sites with keywords. (Ex. black business card)

Thank You